Plumbing Pipes

Basic Tools Included In A Plumbers Supply

Plumbing deals with tubes and pipes, from simple water supply lines to large sewer drains. But only a professional plumber can repair or install entire piping systems, especially when the job requires a plumbers supply.

Through the past few years, the industry has seen an increase in the need of plumbing and heating systems in residential areas. The proper maintenance of drainage systems need it also.

Many hardware shops and online stores now offer a master plumbers supply in low-cost prices. Plumbing has become a necessity in home development that do-it-yourself warriors now study their own houses’ plumbing systems and buy their own tools. Some homeowners who plan their own plumbing projects are now confident enough to check rusty pipes and leaking taps. They even shop for the tools and plumbing materials without the go-ahead of a professional plumber.

As the homeowner, you need to have a plumbers supply to diagnose the problem, or fix it if it’s simple. Knowledge about plumbing tools will help you sort out the issue temporarily, or even permanently.

Although plumbing service providers have dedicated plumbers who can repair all problems related to tubing and pipes, these companies’ employees are also human beings. They have to rest. You cannot rely on most of them in the middle of the night.

First Line of Defense – A Service Provider

Large hardware manufacturers and service providers that sell plumbing materials and tools to customers are not always available when you need them. Thus you need independent experts to help with upgrades to your plumbing system such as grand shower systems, high quality toilets, and bathroom renovations in general.

Plumbing undoubtedly adds value to your house, and so do boilers and hot water systems. It can be a problem though, as plumbing issues sometimes arise when you least expect it. In the blink of an eye, and without your intervention, pipes will break and sewer drains will clog up.

On a lighter note, companies and independent plumbers will take full responsibility of repair and maintenance. So you don’t have to worry about warranties, in case some items were modified.

Modern Americans entrust their plumbing systems to service providers, and technology has made it easier for them. They can simply apply or register online to a company of their liking.

Cyclic household incidents can be avoided with the help of a reliable plumber, or a complete set of plumbers supply. But choosing the right company would still be the best way to solve the problem.

Online Shopping To The Rescue

If your local company or service provider has a knack of destroying plumbing systems, or you do not have the budget to pay for it, many online stores nationwide sell products with free deliveries and guides to help you.

Online stores also have customer service representatives and online communities that are willing to help fix your problem once and for all.

To find a cost-effective plumbers supply is not as hard as it was in the olden days. And registered plumbers have also gone online, with their resumes, licenses, and portfolios to prove their worth.

A Plumbers Supply

Plumbing is never an issue for homeowners who are nifty and have a flair for fixing things. They can easily determine the root of a plumbing issue without the help of professionals.

While expert DIYers can perform the job neatly, as if they are licensed plumbers, they also need the right tools and equipments to repair cracked pipes and clogged drains.

A plumbers supply may include plastic and metal tube cutters, hacksaws, torches, and wrenches, all stored in case of emergencies.

pipe cutter
An adjustable pipe cutter. Featured image by Andrew Fogg / Flickr (CC)

Tube cutters and hacksaws can cut plumbing materials made of plastic or metal. These tools come in different sizes, types, and blades. The blade you will use depends on the type of pipe to cut.

pipe cutter
A pipe cutter (for 15mm copper pipe). Featured image by Andrew Fogg / Flickr (CC)
pipe cutter
Ridgid TC-40 Multilayer Pipe Cutter. Featured image by Mark Hunter / Flickr (CC)
pipe cutter
Ridgid P-Tec 3240 Pipe Slicer. Featured image by Mark Hunter / Flickr (CC)

When you have plumbing problems, there’s no need to panic. Another set of plumbing parts that may help you alleviate the problem is copper and brass fittings, and copper pipes. This is where your metal cutters will come in good use. Copper pipes are very hard to cut without a tubing cutter. And sometimes you need to cut down these solid pipes into pieces.

copper fitting
Copper fittings. Featured image by Tony Hisgett / Flickr (CC)

An addition to your plumbers supply are files. These tools help plumbers smoothen rough edges after cutting copper pipes.

backflow preventer
Backflow preventer. Featured image by Matthew Fultz / Flickr (CC)

Backflow preventers are one of the must-haves on a plumbing system, but so are the several types of wrenches such as basin wrench, pipe wrench, spud wrench, along with many other tools with similar purposes. A backflow preventer problem cannot be fixed without a wrench.

pipe wrench
Pipe Wrench. Featured image by Emilian Robert Vicol / Flickr (CC)

No doubt pliers are key pieces of equipments in any plumbers supply or toolkit. This tools have metal levers joined at a fulcrum; the longer side acts as the handle, while the shorter side acts as the jaw that offers accurate grips.

Pliers. Featured image by National Rural Knowledge Exchange / Flickr (CC)

Jaws are grippers, fitters, and cutters. It cuts and fits small objects normally hard to manipulate only with fingers or hands. The first thig that comes to mind is a pex crimp tool, used in carpentry to extract or pound nails.

jaw pipe
Jaw pipe wrench. Featured image by Jason Rogers / Flickr (CC)

A plumbers supply have to include these simple machines to complete a plumbing toolkit. And we live at a time when purchasing these items are just one click away.