How to Troubleshoot Plumbing Problems

If you are wondering why the consumption of your water bill increases when it shouldn’t have to, there might be some mysterious magic that surrounds your house. Small plumbing problems can be wisely treated at home through proper leak detection in Orange County homes. You may follow these steps to help you locate the roots of all the plumbing issues and take a time to resolve it or you can also hire Orange County plumber for plumbing issues that you can’t solve alone.

  1. Be observant. To know the roots of the high consumption of water bills, take your time to observe and to listen on the dripping sounds of every faucet. You may regard this step as a simple one but most of the time, faucets which are always half-open may cause severe consumption that may result to the increase of your water bill. Always remember that “every drop of water, counts!”
  2. Trace where the roots of the leakage is coming from. Most of the time, the leakage can be found on its wall territory.  After you examined the root location of the leakage, you need to focus in the condition of the pipe if it needs an overhauling or need to install a new one. You can also check if it looks rusty and smell awfully. After examining the location of it, you need to do a research first or much better of you immediately contact a plumber before settling it out on your own.
  3. Trace the sinks for drips. You need to use a flashlight for this step. Once you spot the pipes, make sure to follow its path and looks for droplets of water. You may grope underneath the sink and feel if there are wet areas that need to do deal with.
  4. Observe the noise in the toilet’s flushes. Just make sure to check the flushes if it runs well. Try to flush it and see if it runs thoroughly, if it fails, then there’s a problem with it.
  5. Make it a point to check your water meter. You need to learn how to read the water meter system to know the status of the consumed water however, small leaks like the ones in under the pipes is not visibly seen in the meter.

In some cases, the leak and drain waste plumbing problems lies on the typical matters that are present at home:

1.      The slow sink and tub drains. This problem is the most disturbing especially if you are washing the dishes. The water may overflow quickly because of the slow drainage in the kitchen sink. The problem may be found on the sink trap or drain line that carries the debris or other materials which causes the sink to slow. In additional to that, you also need to trace the routes of the main pipe.

2.     You can check the drain it is clearly operating. You can stop the unclogging of pipes by pouring a very hot water into the drain. Fill the sink with hot water from the faucet. It will help to restore the flow of the water and to dissolve the leakage in it.

3.     You should use a drain cleaning product which contains chemicals to dissolve the materials that causes the clogging. It is highly recommended to use Drano or Liquid Plummer. Just always make sure to read the instructions before applying it. Additionally, just be careful and cautious in using the plumber’s snake in removing the cover of the drain.

Always remember to read every chemical instruction carefully to avoid further damages. Thus, if you believe that you cannot resolve these plumbing issues by yourself, do not hesitate to call professional plumbers. Small plumbing dilemmas can lead to a huge problem if not treated quickly and accurately.

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